Trump At War Movie A Success For GOP Fundraising

Trump at War has had an impressive run with audiences where seen and is now available for free at numerous sites courtesy of the filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon and his group, Citizens of the American Republican.

COAR has made the movie available for groups for free, for their fundraising efforts.  Over 100 groups across the country in important districts have used the movie,  fundraising for candidates who are aligned with President Donald J. Trump’s agenda.

It has also been highlighted on LibertyOne TV, as well as OANN, and Western Journalism.

Currently, it is available on

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Posted by Deb Jordan on Thursday, October 4, 2018


“We really were thankful for the use of the movie for our event,” said Roger Farina, GOP activists. “The people loved it. It was a great centerpiece to our fundraising event,  to motivate people about voting for Republicans,” he said.

The movie is available on Youtube .





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