The Hill: Trump At War Will Make People Vote For Republicans

Wednesday, The Hill published a story about Stephen K. Bannon’s film, Trump At War, and his motivation for making the movie.

From The Hill:

“Former senior White House adviser Steve Bannon is hoping to rev up President Trump‘s base ahead of the midterms with a new documentary film slated to air on One America News Network Wednesday evening.

The movie, entitled “Trump @War,” highlights Trump’s work on foreign policy, trade and immigration while cautioning viewers that Democrats will likely attempt to impale his agenda and potentially impeach the president if they take back the House in November.

The pro-Trump film— which features commentary from former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, former senior White House aide Sebastian Gorka, Fox News’ Pete Hegseth and The Hill’s Joe Concha — uses imagery of Trump supporters being physically and verbally attacked.

It also gives a scathing depiction of the mainstream media and the left, using clips of pundits and Democratic lawmakers speaking out against the president.
There’s probably 20 districts that have to be held to hold the majority, and we’re doing the compilation with Citizens of the American Public, an analysis with Pat Caddell and John McLaughlin and all the pollsters to target specifically what districts and then basically carpet bomb this thing into those districts,” he told The Hill in an interview.
He added he thinks a win for Republicans would be a net loss of no more than 20 House seats, short of the 23 seats Democrats would need to flip the House.

“On the left, you have the Times Up movement, you have the resistance, you have Tom Styers Next Generation, you have an entire Netroots Nation — you know, independent expenditure groups that are out there doing a great job,” he said.

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